Biesterfeld Spezialchemie mottager DIN EN 9120:2018 certificat

Vi är glada att kunna berätta att vår moderbolag Biesterfeld Spezialchemie har blivit certifierade enligt de internationella kvalitetstandards EN 9120:2018. Vi kan nu möta de höga kraven som ställs genom en komplett och spårbar leveranskedja och vi har möjligheten att leverera enligt en bred portfölj. Läs gärna vidare nedan för mer information.

Hamburg, 1 August 2022 – With immediate effect Biesterfeld Spezialchemie, one of the leading international distributors of specialty chemical products, pharma and food ingredients, is certified according to the international quality standards of EN 9120:2018. The company now meets the high requirements such as complete and traceable transparency in the supply chain and is able to deliver a broad portfolio of products, such as prepregs, adhesive films, primers for composite production and other specialty chemicals. 

Pan-European operational excellence and quality management standards

“The Aviation industry is a high growth market and of great importance for us, as we continue to build new successful partnerships and gain more and more in-depth know how. After a challenging and extensive audit Biesterfeld Spezialchemie has reached an important milestone receiving the certification and now being able to demonstrate our technical and application-based expertise and capabilities to our customers and business partners all over Europe“, says Peter Wilkes, Member of the Executive Board and Managing Director Biesterfeld Spezialchemie.

Increasing customer satisfaction and process quality

EN 9120:2018 defines a range of strongly process-oriented procedures that will help Biesterfeld to further

  • increase customer focus and dedication
  • improve handling of counterfeit parts and parts of dubious origin
  • improve handling of non-conformities
  • improve quality and documentation of processes

EN 9120:2018 was developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) on the basis of ISO 9001 and is a standard for companies that specialize in distribution and storage in the aerospace and defence industry. It is used by all leading companies as a quality standard for its suppliers worldwide.

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